See also Purposes of the Charity for an official list of 501(c)3 purposes.

Unlike big nonprofits fostering works of many people, this charity is centered on work of one person, Victor Porton. The organization is intended to help Victor Porton to work (such as by providing him money for food and Internet), money are also going to be used for SEO (and possibly other forms of advertisement) of the charity’s sites.

However, the charity also manages a scientific journal where other authors are encouraged to submit their writings, too.

The mission of the works is to foster development of science, philosophy, free software and religion, and to help poor scientists through blockchain.

The main activities of the organization in fostering Victor Porton’s works:

  • supporting Victor financially
  • advertisement of products created by Victor:
    • (in near future moving unto umbrella of the charity) a CS and math school teaching people good technologies