This post is intended to prevent possible terror acts in proximity of Voice of America journalists (what may contain even world leaders).

Using a dating site a Kenyan woman Victoria Amunga welcomed me to marry. (That was unusual that a girl welcomed me, not me did her.)

Soon after this I was to Kenya and signed a marriage certificate.

Victoria behaved weirdly: refused all things promised to me and refused almost every request I gave to her (except food). She also refused to comply to legal procedures needed to transfer her to here, Israel, such as to allow me to make more than one photo of the couple. I concluded that she is a mad woman. (“It is good that you can’t move to Israel because of your behavior, because I don’t want a mad woman to move to me.”, I said.)

But later in Wikipedia I looked how women’s vaginas look and her one was sharply different: an expanded at the outlet open cylinder (without any labia); if I remember correctly, of gray color. I remembered that I read that terrorists or spies sometimes have vagina implants to transfer illegal things (like explosives) inside. (This one would easily contain a dynamite stick.) This also explains very bad quality of sex. She also had something formless on her belly tens centimeters apart of “vagina” entrance that she called clitoris. Apparently, Victoria is a spy or a terrorist. She is utterly dangerous because she works at Voice of America and therefore has access to high-ranked persons.

More reasons to assume she is a spy:

  • As I already mentioned, she was not interested to go with me to Israel (what I initially perceived as her insanity: sign a marriage certificate and do nothing to be able to go with me).
  • She welcomed me on the dating site first and offered to marry first (just after a month of acquaintance).
  • She is always bald (shaves the head), she said (apparently lied) on my request to grow hair that when hair grows her head hurts (apparently, this is for masquerading).

Being in Kenya, I asked her to help in my ecological (carbon accounting) project. She refused (as now I understand specifically to provoke me to anger) “I have the right to lie on the sofa.” She also said that she works only for money (against her promises). I shouted on her words like “Hitler”. Apparently, this saved me from being killed or maybe Kenyan prison: All the neighbors heard this and the spy’s plan failed.

Again, I ask investigation against this dangerous criminal (at least, she is a journalist who lies all the times: she lied to me around 10 times), a possible terrorist or spy, working right in the Voice of America.

The most likely explanation I have, is that she wanted to make me second Litvinenko to harm Putin. (I am not a Putin’s supporter, actually I in my YouTube called Putin a madman, but Putin would not harm to himself this way.) More possible explanations (actually, I have no good explanation): an oil company not wanting to be accounted by my software, Joe Biden removing his competitor in “I am a carbon accounting” publicity. I also have a remote (possibly very distorted) remembrance that while being a teenager after having been hit by head I wrote a letter where I asked for a Christian woman her vagina to be replaced by an implant to keep there bombs for terrorism. (I am not a terrorist, but after being hit by head I may have produced such a nonsense without any definite plan.) As far as I remember, I also requested that this woman to become my wife.

I sent the following to Kenyan police, but apparently they are not interested in their work:

Hello police,

This is a crime report by Victor Lvovich Porton, 1980 year birth, living in Ashkelon, Israel.

I am a Russian and Israeli citizen.

The following crime was committed against me while I was in Nairobi West, Kenya:

I was sold a fake merchandise by

– Franklyn Amunga (father of Victroria Amunga, resided in Kakamega)

– Millicent Owano Amunga (mother of Victroria Amunga, resided in Kakamega)

Namely I paid them $800 through Victoria Amunga for the price of a fiance and several payments later through crypto.

The merchandise was advertised as a Christian woman.

In fact, she is not a Christian:

– She refuses to work charity works in her free time, even a small work of great importance.

– She herself claimed that “works only for money” that is an equivalent of saying “I serve only to money” and therefore not to God.

– She lied to me several times, including saying she:

— will study mathematical logic

— that she agrees with my theology (as it turned out, she didn’t even read it!)

— that she agrees that Christians do free work (as she agreed before the registration of the marriage)

— that she agrees that we should do not what we want

— and she cheated by a deed doing like as if she will do charity works before the marriage

– accordingly of her own words, she now hates me (what a Christian can’t do)

– She was extremely reluctant in sex, what Christian women don’t do, because the Bible says that their bodies are husband’s not their.

– She told that there is no malaria in Kenya. (This is also providing false information dangerous for health, as a part of a fraud.)

So, there was a fact of selling a fake merchandise, unfounded enrichment (she did absolutely no good for me), treat for health, serious crimes.

She also told me she is in Ghana. Apparently she lied as now she works in MetropolTV twitter.

No doubt, she should be put into a psychiatric clinic for doing all these crimes without any utility for her (I refused to welcome her to Israel as she wanted after I realilized she is a fake), as a dangerous pathological liar. She is an especially dangerous pathological liar, as she works as a journalist.

I am a victim of:

Victoria Khasoa Amunga and her parents

Accordingly to her:
Address: 2364 Accra, Ghana.
Place of work: Zee production cooperation,
Born 12 Jun 1988,

Crimes alleged:

  1. unjust enrichment (as she was an intermediary for receiving money from me to her parents, preachers, and some crypto) and did absolutely nothing good for me after taking money, despite of of what she said to do; 2. fraud (as she lied about her… everything); 3. creating a danger for my health as she lied that there is no malaria in Kenya when welcoming me; 4. rape (she made me have sex with her by a disinformation).

But she should also be convicted in possible espionage and/or terrorism and genocide (because people like her and all you indifferent prevented me to finish my carbon accounting software as of now it is unfinished).

I published a part of our correspondence in my e-book The Story of True Sex – Call the Kenyan Police in which I call the readers to call Kenyan police for me. Please take an action: A spy in VoA is too bad to ignore it.