Victor Porton’s Foundation is like a personal fund of Victor Porton, intended to help other people. Formally, it is a 501(c)3 charity. Donations are tax-deductible.

The charity is fully controlled solely by decisions of Victor Porton, who can make any ruling decision inside the charity purposes.

Unlike some big charities centered on works of many people, Victor Porton’s Foundation is intended to support work of one genius guy, Victor Porton (it may change soon as Mercy Nekesa to join the organization as an apprentice). However, we also publish a scientific journal, where other authors can publish, too. Also, as money appear, we are going to hire an AI expert to foster development of our scientific journal automatic peer review.

The work of the charity is development and distribution of books and other writings (especially in breakthrough science and religion/philosophy) and software (especially blockchain for common good in software development and science).

See this page how the charity supports works of Victor Porton.

The charity accepts donations to foster works of Victor Porton.

Victor Porton (and therefore the charity) are based in Ashkelon, Israel, in a rented apartment.